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Mission critical equipment – Evolved Surfboards

Take a look at these pretty ladies. Truth be told, I took my surfboard back. It’s the purple and pink one. I really loved it for the short time it was mine. But it was too big. Luckily for me, Eric at the Evolved Surfboards is a truly wonderful human and let me swap the board out for a smaller and shorter version which I have since ridden and is the best board that has ever been produced. AND it’s the exact same colors. This came about because my the first time at Evolved I saw my pink and purple beauty, but at the time I thought it was a little small for me. At 5’8″ it’s the shortest board I’ve ridden. I ordered the exact same board only a little bigger, and that was dumb because The One was right there. You live, you learn.

DSC_0426 DSC_0433 DSC_0441




Jo-Roxy’s board is Evolved’s FreakShow, you may be noticing a pattern from her bicycle that carries a similar aqua marine. When asked about how she feels about the board she said, “I look sick on it.” I agree, we scored some amazing waves at Trestles in Orange County with Jo-Roxy taking the last wave of the day all the way into the beach, hand in the face, while pretty much giving me a thumbs up. She looked sick.
It was down to the wire, I picked up my board on the first day of our trip and only got to surf it twice. Now I have to put it away as we drive across the country and it feels somewhat like we’re headed in the wrong direction, I’m too excited to surf the board.

In cold water: Photographs from Ventura and Joshua Tree.

The surf was forecast to be 7-8 feet, initially. As the time to depart drew nearer the forecast was scaled back further and further until I thought our Ventura cabin by the sea was a bad idea, what else was there to do in a tiny enclave of houses trapped by highway? The forecast stayed small but the waves came in large and strong. Sometimes when you put some faith in nature and long-distance surf forecasting things just work out. But, you would not believe how cold that water was. Each of us were desperately under-insulated in 3/2 wetsuits, at least Jo-Roxy and I had booties. The water just refuses to warm up this year.

Quick surf at County Line on the way.


Ventura surf




From the cramped cabin, to the open space of Joshua Tree where there is no excuse to be cramped – why else be out there? We ate at the Crossroads Cafe, again, because the waiter there is sunny in a way that brightens our days. It’s interesting introducing people to the high desert, I think a lot  of people have an expectation that everything out there is going to be all trippy and more of a “What is this that’s happening to me” experience, but really it’s just quiet and peaceful. Soon enough you get so quiet and peaceful that you’re thinking a little different to before – you’re slower, calmer, more comfortable. That’s the power of J-Tree.