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Visit The Integratron

Out in the desert  near Joshua Tree, if you look from the hills above Landers, you might wonder about the bright white dome out in the flat basin. Short answer: It’s a circular, sonically balanced room where people gather to listen to the quartz bowls, whose sound is a fusion of spinning helicopter blades and whale song.

Visit the Integratron

So here’s the lowdown from Wikipedia:

The Integratron is a structure designed by ufologist and contactee George Van Tassel. Tassel claimed the Integratron was capable of rejuvenation, anti-gravity and time travel.

He built the structure following instructions provided by visitors from the planet Venus.

The Integratron’s workings rely on the generation of strong “intermittent magnetic fields.” Van Tassel claimed the Integratron is intentionally constructed atop a powerful geomagnetic anomaly and its construction is entirely of non-ferromagnetic materials.

Get that. Good. Now let it go. To truly experience The Integraton one must not question the practice but instead open your heart to the experience. Which is exactly what I set about to do.

Arriving is like finding a Mad Mex set: The white orb perched as if ready to return to outer space adjacent to an empty courtyard of sculptural seats constructed of repurposed trash. The setting creates space to focus the mind.

Visit the Integratron

Visit the Integratron

We enter the dome, our voices deepen with resonance echoed by the half-sphere above. We choose mats with a view to the perfectly blue sky. The wind outside had been driving me crazy, blowing in whistling gales so strong they can be heard while driving, inside the dome is silent other than the whispers of other time-travelers.


When the quartz bowls begin, I close my eyes and turn my palms toward the ceiling. I begin a series of the most lucid dreams I’ve probably ever had. The magnetic fields do their work on me while I sleep. I wake a few minutes before the bowls finish their song, as though I’ve been summoned back to consciousnesses.  Do I feel different? It doesn’t matter. I participated and now I encourage you to do the same. Become one of us. Visit the Integratron.