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Visit The Integratron

Visit the Integratron

Out in the desert  near Joshua Tree, if you look from the hills above Landers, you might wonder about the bright white dome out in the flat basin. Short answer: It’s a circular, sonically balanced room where people gather to listen to the quartz bowls, whose sound is a fusion of spinning helicopter blades and whale song.

So here’s the lowdown from Wikipedia:

The Integratron is a structure designed by ufologist and contactee George Van Tassel. Tassel claimed the Integratron was capable of rejuvenation, anti-gravity and time travel.


In cold water: Photographs from Ventura and Joshua Tree.

The surf was forecast to be 7-8 feet, initially. As the time to depart drew nearer the forecast was scaled back further and further until I thought our Ventura cabin by the sea was a bad idea, what else was there to do in a tiny enclave of houses trapped by highway? The forecast stayed small but the waves came in large and strong. Sometimes when you put some faith in nature and long-distance surf forecasting things just work out. But, you would not believe how cold that water was. Each of us were desperately under-insulated in 3/2 wetsuits, at least Jo-Roxy and I had booties. The water just refuses to warm up this year.