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Packing the car and leaving. Chillbillies getting on the road to Nicaragua.

We’re getting ready to leave, everything has to be packed and cleaned. The house is about to have some strangers move in and we’ve got to get out.

Like all great journeys the real hard work is before you leave. To get the car ready I built a sleeping platform box for our Honda Element, purchased a Thule rooftop box and an ARB awning, to give us some shade while camping. I had yet to install the entire setup until the night before our departure. Our Chillbillies motto is: be vaguely prepared, man.

In the first leg of our trip, we’ll be driving from Los Angeles to NY state, where we will be staying a month in the Catskill Mountains.

4 days before departing Los Angeles.

With 4 days to go everything seems to be falling into place.

3 days before departing Los Angeles.

Cleaning and putting everything in its place.

2 days before departing Los Angeles.

My friend Matt drops by to help with packing our Thule rooftop box.

Pack’n and chat’n.
Thule Summit
The Thule box as full as I could possibly make it.

1 day before departing Los Angeles.

Driving to pick up my new surfboard from Evolved Surfboards.

Evolved Surfboards
THE boards, together at last!
Honda Element with camping equipment.
First install of our complete setup finished late at night.

Departing Los Angeles.

We leave, but only as far as Huntington Beach. I return my surfboard because it’s too big.

A few moments before we leave, saying goodbye to our home for 9-months or so.
Evolved Surfboards in Huntington Beach
Waiting for my surfboard problems to remedy themselves in in a Huntington Beach park.

Mission critical equipment – Evolved Surfboards

Take a look at these pretty ladies. Truth be told, I took my surfboard back. It’s the purple and pink one. I really loved it for the short time it was mine. But it was too big. Luckily for me, Eric at the Evolved Surfboards is a truly wonderful human and let me swap the board out for a smaller and shorter version which I have since ridden and is the best board that has ever been produced. AND it’s the exact same colors. This came about because my the first time at Evolved I saw my pink and purple beauty, but at the time I thought it was a little small for me. At 5’8″ it’s the shortest board I’ve ridden. I ordered the exact same board only a little bigger, and that was dumb because The One was right there. You live, you learn.

DSC_0426 DSC_0433 DSC_0441




Jo-Roxy’s board is Evolved’s FreakShow, you may be noticing a pattern from her bicycle that carries a similar aqua marine. When asked about how she feels about the board she said, “I look sick on it.” I agree, we scored some amazing waves at Trestles in Orange County with Jo-Roxy taking the last wave of the day all the way into the beach, hand in the face, while pretty much giving me a thumbs up. She looked sick.
It was down to the wire, I picked up my board on the first day of our trip and only got to surf it twice. Now I have to put it away as we drive across the country and it feels somewhat like we’re headed in the wrong direction, I’m too excited to surf the board.