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Meet the founding members of BIKE GANG!

Scott Pearse has a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT Melbourne, and spent a decade working in the IT industry in Australia, UK and USA. He has contributed to Food & Drinking Guide to Melbourne (Hardie Grant Books, published 2010), worked as a theatre and live music reviewer for the Camden New Journal, and had fiction published in The Lifted Brow. His love of cycling has taken him across the UK twice, all the way across America and to work most weekdays.

Jo-Roxy Vaegan-Lloyd only learned to ride a bicycle at 22 and is living proof of the transformative effect cycling can have on your life, not to mention your calves.

The initial intention of Bike Gang was to document a cycle journey from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. But we did that, then we moved to Mexico. So what’s next? Who bloody knows at this stage, but from our new home of Los Angeles the adventure will continue.

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  1. Oh WOAOW… can not belief it roxy!! are you guys seriously doing this??? Ur crazy!!! i love it!!! take care!! xxx

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