Power Grips

Touring with power grips

The battle against toe overlap has been won.

I have finally gotten my Power Grips and have been using them for quite a few weeks now, including our big bike ride to Kinglake and back. What can I say? I’m in love.

I got my power grips delivered from the UK as there are no stockists in Australia. I got them from Chain Reaction cycles. Unfortunately, as I excitedly opened my first package from them I thought I had gone crazy – the box was empty. I contacted them and it turns out someone had actually forgotten to put them in the box. So another 2 weeks wait for them to be delivered – well worth the wait.


Toe/wheel overlap

The Bianchi Volpe Banoffee: 1 – Jo-Roxy: 0

My Bianchi and I are getting along great since I brought it back from America. So far the only problems I have had with it are aesthetic (besides handlebar issues that I will discuss in a later post). But then on my Sunday bike ride a few weeks ago it happened- touring bike toe overlap. My toe cages got caught in my wheel as I turned sharply at low speed around a steep corner leading to an overpass bridge.

At first I was more embarrassed at falling off my bike, but soon realised that my foot was a little sore. Instead of checking if my foot was alright, I obviously instead checked if the Banoffee was alright. Luckily, only my chain had come off and my mudguard needed readjustment. I fixed up my bike and continued to ride the rest of my usual route around theYarra Bend Boulevard. I knew my foot hurt a little, but I thought of Johnny Hoogerland in the Tour De France and kept peddling. It wasn’t until I got home an hour later and took off my shoe that I realised that I had a bad cut on my ankle and was bleeding quite a bit. I put some butterfly clips on it and waited to see the doctor until the next day (which I got into trouble for as he could not do stitches by then).


Cycling to Kinglake from Hurstbridge returning to Fitzroy

Cycling to Kinglake map

My image didn’t work out so great, but what you see above this text is a scale representation of the ride that Jo-Roxy and I finished today. We caught the train from Clifton Hill to the end of the line at Hurstbridge. We nearly missed the train, we always nearly miss the train (or the bus, or plane). I’ve decided, above anything else, that bicycle touring is a good idea for us because our bikes don’t leave at a particular time thus we can never be late for them. Cycling to Kinglake from our house could have been an even better idea.


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