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Where I’ve been sleeping.

Travel photography house photos
Wilmington, North Carolina

We thank everyone who’s hosted us, friends,  friend’s Moms, hotels, campgrounds, AirBnB folks. We have slept soundly because you provided a place for us to do so.

This is photo series of the places, vehicles and buildings we have been sleeping in. My invitation for you to enter our slumbering world.



In cold water: Photographs from Ventura and Joshua Tree.

The surf was forecast to be 7-8 feet, initially. As the time to depart drew nearer the forecast was scaled back further and further until I thought our Ventura cabin by the sea was a bad idea, what else was there to do in a tiny enclave of houses trapped by highway? The forecast stayed small but the waves came in large and strong. Sometimes when you put some faith in nature and long-distance surf forecasting things just work out. But, you would not believe how cold that water was. Each of us were desperately under-insulated in 3/2 wetsuits, at least Jo-Roxy and I had booties. The water just refuses to warm up this year.




Donald. It’s hard to know what to say about it. This is where my father’s side of the family has been for generations. Nearby towns Boort, Wycheproof, Birchip and Charlton come up frequently in conversation but I’ve never visited them. I find it almost impossible to believe there is anything past the flat fields that spread in every direction like a flood. My Dad grew up on a farm, which is mostly sold now. My uncle and aunty live in my Dad’s childhood home on the last 300 acres.