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Wine tasting at La Cooperativa, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja Mexico.

I’ve come to La Cooperativa, in a high valley on the Baja peninsula because I’ve heard that things are happening in Valle De Guadalupe. I arrive with a filthy car, dust settled on all flat surfaces, having been lead down unsealed roads through olive groves and vineyards by my GPS.

Valle de Guadalupe (Guadalupe Valley) is a flat plain circled by rocky mountains high above the coastal city of Ensenada, about an hour and a half from the border at San Diego. The drive into the mountains is rustic rather than breathtaking, a gentle steady climb along a curving highway flanked by an abundance of roadside market stalls selling the produce the area is fast becoming renowned for: honey, olive oil, cheese, and wine.


Best in Sayulita, Mexico. A guide to a beachside paradise.

Sayulita was once a sleepy fishing village. Surfer’s first found the gentle right point break in the 70’s and the town has since changed dramatically. Sayulita retains its relaxed atmosphere but buzzes with a weekly turnover of visitors from around the globe, most predominantly from America’s west coast, and a large permanent expat community that has fueled a building and infrastructure boom over the last ten years. The once dirt roads are now paved, Sayulita boasts a dedicated ambulance and medical staff, a volunteer staffed animal shelter looks after all the dogs in town, they have a boulangerie, gelato, decent coffee, amazing restaurants and incredible natural assets. It’s family friendly, safe, and still retains an authentic vibe. But most visitors to Sayulita will only have time to do so much, so here is the best of the best in Sayulita.


Driving through dangerous areas of Mexico

We’re planning another trip driving through Mexico and I’ve begun researching via news what to expect out in the wild. It’s making me nervous, I can’t lie. I’m as inclined as anyone else to not be kidnapped or decapitated, but the news reports are hysterical and contrary to our previous experiences driving and living in Mexico and I’m choosing to ignore much of what I’m reading. I live in LA, people are killed here on the regular and it doesn’t seem to bother me, probably because I don’t have the news shouting at me: NEVER GO THERE EVERYONE IS A CRIMINAL AND WILL STEAL EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BEFORE EXTORTING YOUR FAMILY AND KILLING YOU MERCILESSLY. Media coverage is biased, good news doesn’t sell, and for some reason it makes people in the US sleep better if they think Mexico is a shit-hole.


Saturday in Guadalajara

I’m indecisive when it comes to choosing shoes. I feel like shoes are one of the most representative choices we make when portraying ourselves through apparel. Guadalajara has a large shoe industry, and they have built an entire mall specifically to display their shoes – the ‘Galería del Calzado‘. I felt like an entire mall of shoes would help me make a decision. I’ve honestly been looking for new shoes for six months, not like everyday or anything, but I have been mentally formulating the criteria for my perfect pair of shoes. I do other things as well, just so you know.