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LOOK. We’re on the radio!

So while we were staying in Buxton on the Outer Banks in North Carolina we happened to make the acquaintance of Liz Browning Fox. She was kind enough to let us both record some station identifier spots for Radio Hatteras. This was an incredible thrill, I’m going to assume that when I return to Hatteras I’m going to open my mouth at the local supermarket and someone will say, ‘I feel like I’ve heard you’re voice before.’ I’m going to be a true island celebrity. Have a listen, it’s worth it:


Surfing the East Coast – Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, and the Outer Banks

Now it feels like a surfing trip and it’s good. Chasing waves is probably the motivation for this whole damn trip, so I guess we’re doing it right, right? Well, it’s also hard work. Moving most days, the endless packing and setting up, never having anything booked accommodation-wise means we can be free but we also spend a lot of time looking at our phones wondering where we can sleep.


Driving from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic: Asheville, Brevard, Charleston

Asheville, North Carolina

Here the trip’s focus turns from seeing things to seeing people. In the planning for North Carolina I harbored a secret hope that I would simply fall in love and never want to leave. It has everything that’d I’d want in a place, in theory: trees, mountains, good people, interesting jobs, surfing, and excellent food. It doesn’t disappoint. We camped out in our friends Zac and Dana’s driveway. Another friend, Emily, just “happened” to be in town at the same time. We stayed for three nights and each extra night only made leaving all the more difficult.


Toward the middle of America: Taos, Texas, The Ozarks, and Tennessee

The middle of America, the kinda lower middle. Think beef rather than corn. This was the part of our driving journey across America that we didn’t have all that much to look forward to, driving through was simply something that had to be done.

What becomes interesting is when you don’t have any plans or expectations that frees you up to search around, talk to locals and find the things that interest you.