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Lucy – Person in a dog suit – BULLSHIT GOOD DOG


You see, it was a case of a broken heart. I loved a man once, a man who didn’t love me for who I was, but rather, for what I looked like. It was then I decided to put on this dog suit. If I ever expose my heart again, I want to be certain it is my heart that is the main attraction. Now I’m just waiting for Mr. Right, I’ll wait forever if I have to.


Bullshit Good Dog – PERRITA – Sayulita


The thing is I knew it was coming, old age. I felt it chasing me as though I were chasing my own tail, almost always there but never quite. Then it hit. I know my beauty isn’t entirely faded, but I’m preparing for the worst. I’m developing an affectionate side and thinking about giving chasing sticks a try. You have to have tricks in this game. But don’t worry about me, if I’m anything, I’m a survivor.