LOOK. We’re on the radio!

So while we were staying in Buxton on the Outer Banks in North Carolina we happened to make the acquaintance of Liz Browning Fox. She was kind enough to let us both record some station identifier spots for Radio Hatteras. This was an incredible thrill, I’m going to assume that when I return to Hatteras I’m going to open my mouth at the local supermarket and someone will say, ‘I feel like I’ve heard you’re voice before.’ I’m going to be a true island celebrity. Have a listen, it’s worth it:

I also sat down with Liz and talked to her about living on the island. I also had a bunch of photos to go along with all this but my camera ate them, don’t ask, it’s still distressing. I hate technology but I love talking to people. Here it is:



2 thoughts on “LOOK. We’re on the radio!”

  1. LOVED your radio address as well as the interview. You can watch the sun rise and set on the ocean from Hatteras Island….. Whoa!

  2. Hey there, Adventurers! Scott and Roxy are heard nearly every day on Radio Hatteras. Yes, their voices will probably be recognized at the grocery store when they return for some better weather. Happy travels! Liz

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