Toward the middle of America: Taos, Texas, The Ozarks, and Tennessee

The middle of America, the kinda lower middle. Think beef rather than corn. This was the part of our driving journey across America that we didn’t have all that much to look forward to, driving through was simply something that had to be done.

What becomes interesting is when you don’t have any plans or expectations that frees you up to search around, talk to locals and find the things that interest you.

Taos, New Mexico

I had visited Santa Fe previously and knew that I loved Northern New Mexico, but Taos still found a way to blow my mind. If you took all the high desert of Joshua Tree and replaced all the hippies with cowboys, you’d be close. Knowing that Julia Roberts lives in Taos, I had this vision of a heavily wooded, private kinda place. But Taos is open, no fences, no hills, no trees. But you can easily become secluded in this much space.





Fritch, Texas

An overnight between two long drives and we’ve finally hit humidity, the thing that struck me most about the change in air moisture is the noise of bugs. You don’t realize how quiet it is in the southwest due to the absence of insects chirping away.


Ozarks, Arkansas

Taking a delightful detour to visit an area of America that I hadn’t even known about in my planning. The northwest of Arkasas is spectacular, probably the most surprising area of the trip so far. Just for the record, it’s pronounced Ark-an-saw, not Ar-kansas.



Sound quality below isn’t the best as we’re attending a concert for the opening of the Eureka Springs Jazz Festival.

DSC_0713 DSC_0722 DSC_0736

Parkers Crossroad, Tennessee

Another late-night stop as we try to drive long distances to get to NYC. Driving all the way across America is always going to test your love of driving.

We quickly stopped at Graceland in Memphis and I graffitied Elvis’ wall.


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