Flying to LA! The first 3 things I’m doing.

What was supposed to be a six-week vacation home to see friends and family for Christmas is now coming to a close nearly four months later. How does this always happen?

On the day of my return I plan to do these three things:

1. Ride my bike


Not that Sydney and Melbourne aren’t fantastic places to cycles, they are, but I miss MY bike. I’m going to hit the cycle path at Bollona Creek and ride directly to…

2. Samosa House


This is telling, leave home for a long time and you can feel which is your favourite local restaurant. I’ve been craving jackfruit curry and cauliflower pakora like it is a missing part of my person. After, I think I’ll get back on my bike and check out

3. LA sunsets @ Baldwin Hills scenic overlook


I call this park ‘The Pimple.’ In the otherwise flat Los Angeles basin, this hill pops-up out of nowhere. It’s a great place to scramble around and climbing it on the bike will sure prove where my fitness is at. There isn’t anywhere I prefer to watch the sun go down.

Lady LA, I can’t wait to be with you again.

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