EcoBici Mexico City’s bike share program

Finally, a post about bikes. Jo-Roxy and I wanted a break from our tropical paradise (because life is hard) and were really feeling the need to experience big city life in Mexico, and the most sensible place to do that is The D.F. – as it is locally known – Mexico City.

IMG_20140331_130019D.F. is characterized by streets three abreast with the craziest drivers on earth, so I was surprised when we came across our first EcoBici stand. We read the sign and found the location of the closest office where we purchased our access cards. Once all the paperwork (of which there was plenty) was set, we paid US$8 for three days access. The bikes are free for the first 45-minutes and after the price goes up, I made the mistake of keeping a share bike overnight in Denver, so I had no intention of holding a bike longer than 45-minutes to save myself headaches later.


The Cicloestaciones are spread widely across the parts of Mexico City that bikers tend to tread. Knowing that Mexico City has the same population as Australia, I figured the distance between spots was going to be long but riding from Roma into the Centro took all of 20-minutes and Condesa to Roma about half that.

The majority of back streets are one way, and I felt quite safe riding even when surrounded by traffic. The road conditions can be a little tricky at night as some of the potholes and dilapidated manhole covers were large enough to lose a wheel in.


There are bike lanes spread throughout the city, I looked online but failed to find a map. One of the main thoroughfares, a long wide street named Reforma, had a bike lane completely separate from the road. Knowing this, on a Sunday trip into the Centro, I pulled onto Refomra and was surprised to find the entire street without cars and instead bicycles everywhere. The name of the event is Cicloton and I rode all the way in without a care in the world, able to look around and take the city in at my preferred pace without fear of being knocked from my bike.

Mexico City is a nice place to cycle, who would have thought?


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