Relocation Mexico

We’ve moved to Mexico! Moving, maybe not quite, I’m not sure where the line exists where one stops visiting somewhere and begins to live there? Is three months enough? I don’t have a home anywhere else. I’m not going to be here forever but I’m not looking forward to going back. I’m calling it moving.

We’re in Sayulita, by the ocean, by the mountains, by the jungle. In the state of Nayarit called the ‘Mexican Riviera’. Our idea to relocate to Sayulita is not an original one, this small town of about 2,000 permanent residents is probably half Americans / Canadians / Europeans, a mix reflected in that order.

View from our top floor where I do my typing, thinking and napping.
View from our top floor where I do my typing, thinking and napping.

For most, the reason to make Sayulita their sometimes-home is climate driven. During these, the winter months, the climate is near perfection. Little rain, warm days and cool evenings. If so inclined, you could live your life quite comfortably in shorts exclusively. Other than the weather, people come here chasing their ideal of a peaceful tropical paradise lifestyle. Warm water, gentle surf, yoga four time a day, mountain biking, hiking for days, animals in every nook and cranny, and green lush jungle as far as you can see. It is picture perfect. Makes the job of the local tourism board easy.    

Our intentions are to surf daily and learn Spanish. Perhaps take a walk in the afternoon along some of the trails deeper into the jungle and in the evening eat deliciously. Not lofty goals but certainly enough to fill up our time.

I’m aware I am diverting somewhat from content bike-related, but this blog originally was document of an adventure cycling across the United States. I feel like this is simply another adventure and need somewhere to deposit the memories. Additionally, we brought a bike along.  

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