Day 71 – Failure to launch – Nephi, UT – ZERO

Jo-Roxy continued her convalescence in the, eh-hmm, beautiful town of Nephi.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Nephi should be pronounced neffe not the local pronunciation of nee-fi. Incorrect pronunciation aside, I walked around Nephi and took some photos.

Below is the most beautiful house in the whole town. You need to understand that it is incredibly hot in Nephi, not all the time, in fact, it snows a lot. On day seven-one though, it was a scorcher.

The main street is quite busy, a four lane highway. I had to wait awhile to take this photo without a car being in it. The mountain in the background is Mt. Nebo.

Broken car.

The air in Utah is dryer than a, well, actually, it is desert. Old cars don’t rust too quick here.

This old aged facility has been abandoned for years. I peered through a window and saw that the roof was caving in but still there was a wheelchair left behind, it freaked me out so I didn’t hang around long.

It wasn’t all just laying about, we did some swimming as well.

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