Scones with Honey Butter – La Beau’s Drive-in – Garden City, UT

This one is for my father, Andy Pearse, who is a true connoisseur of fried dough. Every year he waits patiently, speaking in wistful tones, for the doughnut van to arrive at the Portarlington seaside fair. To see the joy on this man’s face when he receives his first bag of donuts each year is to be reminded that good things happen to good people.

Perhaps I am a good person, perhaps not, but when I tasted my first scone (they can call it whatever they want, but this is definitely a doughnut) dripping with honey butter something definitely good was happening to me.

La Beau's Drive-in

Like most regional specialities in Utah, the scones with honey butter are economical meals meant to feed large families with little cost. The state is also famed for its honey. In the scones we find the perfect combination of mormon economy and Utah’s sweetness.

Ordering at Le Beau's

These aren’t just doughnuts, nor are the doughnuts sold at the Portarlington fair. Doughnuts, by and large, are dry, consumed far too long after cooking and too sugary-sweet. The key to these Scones being delicious is you receive them still warm, having been fried in temperatures hot enough to brown the outside while keeping the inside moist and doughy. Spreading the honey butter all over the top of the scone ensures a religious experience.

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  1. G’day bikers. You are correct in your assumptions about me and the humble donut. I have now added Utah to my road trip in the U.S next year. I will make sure I leave a day spare to catch up with you two (unless I find more donut places). Ride safe and with donuts.

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