Day 64 – Idaho is really good – Cokeville, WY to Garden City, UT – 80km

We rode through three states in one day: Wyoming, Idaho and into Utah.

Idaho is Really Good

I will go on record as saying the most pleasant state of the entire trip to ride in, thus far, has been Idaho, granted we only rode in Idaho for 50km, but it was such a beautiful day and I had almost forgotten what good weather felt like.

Entering Idaho

It seems most days begin with a mountain to climb, this being the Rockies and all. It sounds sadistic but the climbs are fun. The mountains give the day variation, plus the wind is lighter the higher you climb.

Scott at Geneva Summit

It was also a day of coming back into civilization, after spending the last few days riding through areas heavy with National Forrest, and when I say civilisation I mean Mexican restaurants. We took the opportunity to get Latino.

The scenery changed as we gained and dropped altitude through the day, it is difficult to believe that a few hundred kilometres to our west is the Nevada desert.

House on Bear Lake

Bear Lake is a huge, crystal clear blue lake fed by the snow melts from the surrounding mountains that straddles the border between Idaho and Utah. We rode our last 15km along Bear Lake’s edge eager to cross the Utah border and to reach our destination of Bear Lake. We couldn’t wait to get into the water, which looked cold enough to scare the exhaustion out of our legs.

We arrived at Fay’s RV Park and setup our tent. It was early in the afternoon which left plenty of time to enjoy the sun and lake. The only problem: how to get to the water. As far as we could tell the entire shoreline was privately owned, with no trespassing signs nearly more ubiquitous than log cabins. We spoke with someone at the marina and they told us about a public beach nine miles away. Yeah, like we’re going to ride nine miles after already riding fifty. We took our chances with a vacant lot straddled between two summer homes. Success!

Scott Swimming at Bear Lake

Garden City is known locally for its locally grown raspberry shakes, so they have four places that serve little other than burgers and shakes. Not such a bad thing, but I would imagine that if a small town is going to have four places to eat a little variation in each restaurant might be good for business. But what do I know? Seems to be working.

Thanks for a lovely day Idaho, please be good to us Utah.


4 thoughts on “Day 64 – Idaho is really good – Cokeville, WY to Garden City, UT – 80km”

  1. Hi Jo and Scott,
    Your mum is here tonight for dinner and we have been viewing your blog. It looks like you are having a great time cycling around the US. I imagine that it is a lot of hard work and it takes a lot dedication to keep going. We will take a look and see how you are going. Cheers Wal and Michelle.

  2. G’day Bikers.
    Burgers & shakes sound alright to me. All the food groups in two convenient packages. You’re making good time; 3 states in one day! How come it took you a million days to ride across the other bit of Wyoming? Ride safe and with wind. xxxx

  3. So envious of your youth, young legs and strong sense of adventure! We have been following your amazing journey and eagerly await each new entry. Travel safely and stay on! XX

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