Day 63 – Renewed Vigor – Etna, WY to Kind of Cokeville, WY – 81km

Since we have made a firm decision about our final destination and route I feel a renewed vigor and enthusiasm that the Wyoming wind had blown out of me. The thought that we should be in LA within 28 days is exciting, if not a little bewildering – especially when I think about riding through the desert.


It seemed like Wyoming knew tomorrow we would be in Utah and it was giving us one last chance to fall in love with it – the morning was beautiful, we had no wind, the sunrise was bright and warming and I got to play with dairy calves. They were the best.

By afternoon we had an actual tail wind and I was flying in what felt like the first time in days. It was all downhill, all along the lovely Snake River. Maybe Wyoming was winning me over…

Then at around 1pm it happened, the inevitable headwind. Despite the fact we had climbed Salt River Pass and should have flown down the huge and steep decline (7%) the maximum speed we were going was only 21km/h, pretty slow for downhill.

Just when we thought the headwind was going to drive us crazy again the motel we had planned to stay at emerged before us like a mirage, about 10km earlier than we had expected.

We had bought some frozen meat for the grill earlier in the day that had just about defrosted and cooked our dinner overlooking the hills and mountains out the back of the bar attached to the motel. Scott and I ate our dinner and enjoyed some drinks from the bar’s happy hour.

We are always happy to have a hotel after camping, but it is even more special when from the outside and the price you are expecting the worse and you get a nice, clean and kitsch hotel with happy hour to boot.

If only we could stay up past 9pm to enjoy them a bit more.

2 thoughts on “Day 63 – Renewed Vigor – Etna, WY to Kind of Cokeville, WY – 81km”

  1. G’day Bikers.
    It’s good to see you have progressed the whittling a bit more; now you can make BBQ’s out of logs. Well done! If you get any better, you’ll be smokin’ (as in the “smoker” in the background of one of your photo’s). Ride safe and with wind. xxxx

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