Day 59 – I’m goin’ to Jackson – Hatchet Campground, WY to Jackson, WY – 74km

We started the day in an RV. I had previously cast aspersions upon the great many RV campers zooming around America’s Interstates. I couldn’t understand the attraction, it seemed like a lot of stuff to haul around to get into ‘the great outdoors.’ Obviously, I’ve been looking at RVing the wrong way, the point isn’t to get into ‘the great outdoors’ but to be close enough to experience it without actually having to live in it. And after a cold, wet night half way up a mountain to walk into Randy and Shelley’s RV was almost overwhelming. They have a kitchen, a wardrobe, a lounge area, couches, satellite TV, a dinner table and a whole separate bedroom. I don’t know quite what I expected but my non-expectations were exceeded, and how.

Breakfast with Randy

Plus, Randy and Shelly had cooked us breakfast and handed me a coffee on arrival. Randy and Shelly are the camp hosts and live at the campsite through the summer months then pack up and live on another campsite in Arizona during the winter months, they call it retirement, I call it L.I.V.I.N.

Jo-Roxy infront of the Tetons

Good starts to the day are often ominous. And yet again, Wyoming delivered. Beautiful scenery, mountains that jut out of the earth like sharks teeth, elks, deer and the excitement of maybe seeing a bear, there are some good points, but we rode and rode and rode and the wind blew right into our faces and it got incredibly cold and we rode and rode and all we wanted was to find a town so we could warm up and eat something and we rode and rode and an actual snowstorm was approaching. I started freaking out, waving down cars to transport us to the next town but we couldn’t get a lift, Jo-Roxy had a spell next to the road where she thought she might pass out. We had no option but to keep going with the weather closing in around us. Then finally we came across a small town named Moose. The reason there were no towns is that we were riding through Grand Teton National Park, and anything business or residential has to be licensed by the Park Service and they don’t like to much civilization creeping in on their wilderness. Moose was packed full of cars and people. We sat inside and watched the rain fall, ate a pizza and a huge brownie and drank a litre of chocolate milk.

In the weather

All we had to do was get to Jackson and then we would be in a warm house, and not have to ride tomorrow and just enjoy a day off. A bike path runs from Moose into Jackson and we walked out of the restaurant at about the same time the sun decided to come out, and the bike path was nearly brand new and smoother than a babies butt and we rolled through some crazy tailwind generating weather pattern and everything was all of a sudden good, quite cold still but pleasant

People say of Jackson that the Billionaires are pushing out the Millionaires. Wyoming doesn’t collect income tax so a lot of rich folks claim a residence here and avoid taxes. It’s a really pretty place with skiing nearby and a real old-timey feel.

We rode through town to our abode, we’re being hosted by the incredible Chuck and Karen for the next few days. We found the street and were soon accosted by ‘Mayor Dave’ who forced a beer on both of us and told us a few stories from his ice hockey days. The neighborhood we’re staying in is friendly, to say the least.


After dinner Mayor Dave rang to say he was starting a fire, we went outside and found half the neighbours standing around a fire in the middle of the street. We quickly found some more beer and some marshmallows and mingled in.

Wyoming has been a trying state to ride a bicycle in, and I think it would be a tough place to live. Seemingly though, the harsh conditions bring people closer together. Our hosts, Chuck and Karen, certainly have a community they can be proud of.


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