Bryan Healey – Stories

In an attack of the small worlds, our great friend Matt Mahoney connected us meeting the ‘Mad Potter’ in Jeffery City to his friend, Theron Humphrey, who is working on  an oral history project telling 365 stories in a year. Theron also met ‘The Mad Potter’ and interviewed him for his project. The result is stunning. I can only say bravo and implore anyone with an internet connection to listen to the interview, think about myself and Jo-Roxy meeting this wild and interesting man and then think about ‘The Mad Potter’ still living out in the middle of nowhere, doing his thing. It is a striking life, simultaneously sad, huge and brave. It was a pleasure to have met Bryan, although I thought he said his name was Byron, and to have been the recipient of his hospitality on one of the more physically difficult days of my life.

And to Byron I say, yes, you’re right, most Bruce Springsteen songs are total badass.



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