Day 53 – Bye bye Colorado, I friggin’ love you – Fort Collins, CO to Larimer, WY – 111km

We love Colorado, I mean looooove Colorado and on the day we were set to leave it I am pretty sure Colorado loves us too and was doing everything in it’s power to stop us from leaving. It threw everything at us, massive mountains, rain, hail, heat – everything, it really didn’t want us to go.

We started out the day leaving Fort Collins, bidding Rita and Tom adieu and then having the most amazing cheese and spinach croissant for breakfast, then off we set.

This cheese and spinach croissant blew my mind

We had decided to go the route that was safer and also avoided some big mountain climbs. Everyone had told us the route we were taking was ugly, what they think is ugly needs to be reassessed I think.

This is apparently 'ugly'- I thought it was lovely

It was such beautiful landscape that I often found myself sliding into gravel off the shoulder in the road because I was too busy staring off into the distance. Think of every wild west film you have ever seen, or Deadwood, or reading Cold Mountain or even that high brow classic City Slicker and you’ll get the idea.

Photography just can’t capture the red soil and canyons mixed with snow cap mountains and huge sky. It really is gorgeous.

After 60km straight of climbing more than 3000 feet we were rewarded at the Wyoming state line with a 50km downhill with a tail wind.


Yeehaw for Wyoming

I was sad that I was sliding away from Colorado, but excited for some new adventures in the real wild west.

More ugliness

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