Day 50 – Riding rollercoasters – Denver, CO – ZERO

Of all the things there are to do in America riding rollercoaster is the most fun. Unfortunately, to ride a rollercoaster you most often have to stand in a long line surrounded by teenagers. In a normal day I come in contact with very few teenagers and after a day at Elitch Garden’s in Denver’s downtown I am reminded of why.

Infront of the BoomerangA tip: The food in theme parks is expensive and of poor quality, fact. Buy your sandwiches from a delicious delicatessen and then tell the people at the theme park gate that you are vegan and your delicious sandwiches can accompany you into the park, despite food from the outside not being permitted.

Jo-Roxy on ferris wheel

We first rode the Mind Eraser, one of those rollercoasters that suspends you uncomfortably by your groin and throws you around like a rag doll. Brilliant fun. Jo-Roxy, still suffering with altitude, felt a little woozy from the excitement and had to lay down.

Jo-Roxy after the Mind Eraser

Jo-Roxy thinks she got barrelled on the log ride. I too saw a wall of water emerge from the front of the log vessel on splashdown, however I don’t believe the water sailed over our heads but rather came crashing down upon our shoulders. I got drenched.

Wet after the logride

Elitch Gardens also has a water park. I tested my mettle on the, second fastest, speed slide which turned out to be not nearly as scary as I thought as the spray from your feet hitting the water renders you entirely blind and thus the sensory experience is dulled. Undoubtedly though, I went real fast.

As a fitting conclusion to the day and to commiserate our last evening in Denver we took our host person Andrea to an Ethiopian dinner. Eating ethnic food is the best.

With a visit to a theme park we have done all the things we’ve come to Denver to do. Result! Although, this accomplishment is sullied by the fact of us now having no reason to stay longer, which we could do easily.

Looking back over the day I couldn’t tell you what was harder, riding across the flat plains of Kansas or standing in such close quarters to teenagers that I could actually hear their inane conversations without committing a murder.


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  1. G’day bikers. Teenagers? Inane conversation? Like what, like, are you, like, talking about? Good photo of Scott on the water slide; I reckon you went so fast because you had wind. Ride if you have to, and with wind. Xxxx

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