Day 29 – KATY trail – Portland, MO to Easley, MO – 76km

These trails: gravel topped, tree lined, set-up for bike travel, tourism meccas. We’ve seen a few trails on the trip and they are all beautiful, fast riding and interesting in unique ways but sort-of all the same and boring.

Riding the KATY trail is like being on a bicycle highway because you don’t see the sights, ingenious engineers have found ways to bypass towns and the people whose business it is to service the users of the trail look at you with weary disdain: ‘Oh really, you’re riding your bike across America (insert yawn). Can I get you anything?’

Day two-nine did feel like that, talking to people along the way, maybe we aren’t doing anything all that original. It didn’t feel like riding a bike across America was an adventure at all, more just something to do. But screw them, I was about to camp for my third night straight, you think I’m doing this for fun?

We had as our destination Cooper’s Landing in Easley. I was fairly excited as the campgrounds sported a Thai restaurant. A Thai restaurant, in rural Missouri? Yeah.

We arrive in the early afternoon and the place is fantastic; a boat dock right on the Missouri River. The Missouri River is the most frightening body of water I have been close to in my entire life, it is wide and brown and moving faster than a finely-tuned, trained and drugged greyhound. It has a hypnotic quality that I fear myself succumbing in the very dark times during the night. It gurgles like a baby. I still can’t believe that we are in the very interior of America, the amount of water in this country feels inexhaustible.

Missouri RiverWe buy some beer, eat some okay Thai, listen to some old folks playing bluegrass music, sit around a fire with strangers. Cooper’s Landing is a fine place to stay.

Scott by the Missouri River at Cooper's Landing



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  1. Cooper’s Landing eh? By any chance did they have any of the “coopers” products on tap? Or hasn’t it landed there yet? Did you see Marion’s Bottom as you travelled? Apparently, it’s so good that it has it’s own conservation area. It was on the other side of the river from the town of Wilton. It would have to be a big bottom to see it from the KATY trail methinks.
    Ride safe and with wind.

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