Day 28 – ‘No swimming’ is generally only a recommendation – Augusta, MO to Portland, MO -83km

I really was sad to leave Augusta; the campsite at Klondike Park was amazing, the Augusta Brewing Company felt like a home away from after only 2 hours and really, I just don’t love riding on unpathed paths.

To appease my sadness I had clocked a beautiful lake near the old quarry in Klondike Park and decided to take a morning dip. I love wild swimming and had been looking for an opportunity to have a dip all trip however cold weather, ‘trespassers will be shot signs’ and danger of imminent death were working against my liquid dreams, but it was the day. As I readied myself to get in I saw several ‘no swimming’ signs, ‘pffft’, I thought as I braced for nipple chillingly cold water, but to my pleasant surprise the water was warm, almost tepid. It was heaven on my aching body.

It was such a lovely setting I found myself wishing again that I could stay longer, but instead we showered, had breakfast and headed off.

It was a hard day of head winds and averaging only 12.4km an hour, even slower than when we were climbing the Appalachians. We pushed on and on and arrived very late in Portland. We went for a beer and a small bite at the local pub, and were quizzed and razzed by all the Old Boys at the bar.

We left to set up camp at ‘The Rivers Edge Campground’ just outside of the pub, no one was around to provide the key to the shower, so we just had to make do with wet wipes and the well water. I made a salad and we got ready for bed.

It had been a hard day and I was so grateful for my swim, which managed to make my day really special.

3 thoughts on “Day 28 – ‘No swimming’ is generally only a recommendation – Augusta, MO to Portland, MO -83km”

  1. I don’t know any songs about swimming (I did find one by Florence & the machine), but how about “yellow poka dot bikini”?
    Don’t let those “good ‘ol boys” see you swimming where you aint ‘spose tuh !! Could be trouble. Ride safe and with wind.

  2. Oh you special people… Are you heading south to Texas? How exciting! xxx man oh man Jo, just keep your ears out of the water…

    1. I wish I was heading south to Texas, but it will be too hot down that way. Across the corn fields of Kansas for us, we cross the border tomorrow. Come massage me.

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