Day 24 – Into STL – Edwardsville, IL to St Louis, MO – 59km

Back in the big city. We raced into St Louis chased by a monster lightning storm, it distracted me so much I barely had a chance to notice the Mississippi as we passed from Illinois into Missouri. I had to hide under a bar as the rain came down.

Scott hiding from the rain under a bar

St Louis is most famous for the stainless steel Gateway Arch and Budweiser beer. I like the arch a lot more than the beer.Jo-Roxy and the Gateway ArchWe’re taking a couple of days off to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, Mexican Independence day. Supposedly St Louis has a large Mexican community. On our ride into the downtown and through to the southern suburbs where we are staying I only really noticed an industrial city where business has slowed considerably, much of the industrial mid-west is suffering the same fate.

Missouri state lineJo-Roxy managed to be abused by several drivers in only twnety minutes leading us to dub St Louis: ‘Americas most bike unfriendly city.’ Well done.

One thought on “Day 24 – Into STL – Edwardsville, IL to St Louis, MO – 59km”

  1. My song theme will have to stay quiet for the rest period. But I will think of you. And bud beer even. Ride safe and ignore the abuse. Papa with wind.

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