Day 22 – We see a lot of dead stuff – Greenup, IL to Vandalia, IL – 102km

Sometimes you’ve just got to make distance, you get up early, you plan for lunch, you charge the MP3 player. Two-two was such a day. The morning weather report forecast exactly the weather we anticipated: hot and windy. Real deal hot too, not this pansy mid-twenties, clear skies stuff, this was sweltering, low cloud and air wet as a used towel hot. Jo-Roxy and I had been waiting for this weather for weeks, so much better than being cold.

We are pushing ourselves over the next few days as we approach St Louis, the reward being an extra rest day. In other exciting news we’ve recently discovered St Louis has a Six Flags, I’m going on a roller coaster!

Dead skunk

The day passed slowly; a headwind kept us from making quick progress. There was a strange variety of roadkill on the highways, I kept seeing the shattered remains of turtles, or terrapins, spread across the highway, this being unique, so far, on the trip. I even found a little guy still in one piece but who was dead anyway. I saw a skunk, a squished snake with a blue belly and a very much alive snake on the side of the road, despite being told that American snakes are mostly harmless as an Australian I  still put my feet around my ears whenever I see one.

Dead turtleChristians in Illinois seem to have more of a sense of humour than in other parts of the country we have ridden through, not so much fire and brimstone or ‘do your children know the bible?’-type threats, just telling it how it is: (with some creative abbreviation)

3 nails 1 cross 4 givenJo-Roxy came across this man and his strawberries, Willard gave her handfuls of explosively ripe berries. He also told her that everyone on the west coast is crazy and everyone on the east is up themselves.

Willard and his sweets

3 thoughts on “Day 22 – We see a lot of dead stuff – Greenup, IL to Vandalia, IL – 102km”

  1. I’m disappointed Haley Chapel United Methodist Church didn’t make a cheesy pun involving the words God, Jesus or Faith

    “God wants to be your friend on Faithbook” was one of my favourites. Either God has a speech impediment of he doesn’t have any friends

  2. There’s still a song theme going on in my head……. let’s start with “dead skunk in the middle of the road”, then move on to “strawberry fields”, and wrap it all up with “going to the chapel” (Haley Chapel that is). Ride safe and with wind.

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