Day 15 – Moral Victory Day – Columbus, OH – ZERO

I kind of  wish we had arrived in Columbus during football season. This city seems obsessed with Ohio State, the local gargantuan college. I’m intrigued by the phenomenon known as ‘tail gating,’ where people congregate in carparks outside football games and drink beer and paint themselves. I have this feeling that I’d be good at it. Instead, we are here in summer and went to watch the Columbus Clippers be beaten by the Toledo Mud Hens. A few things wrong here: firstly, this is Triple-A baseball, only one step down from the Major Leagues but still watching a reserve team play is a little anti-climactic; secondly, the ‘Clippers’ in Columbus Clippers refers to a Clipper ship and Columbus is one of the more land-locked places I have ever been. I know they are referring to Christopher Columbus and his seafaring ways, but did he even ride a Clipper?

Columbus Clippers

The Clippers stadium is relatively new and empty most of the time. The quality of the baseball is questionable so they offer other avenues for entertainment, such as pretending to be hot dogs.

Dressed up like dogsThe reason for our being here in Columbus was to witness our man and bike gang member Matt Mahoney play his first gig with Baroness

Ace of cups

It was nice to get amongst the fracas, raise some hands in the air, forget about having to go riding and camping the next day and drink the band’s beer. Plus Matt is an all-round amazing person and looking at his huge head makes us happy.

Baroness doing their thang

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