Day 13 – Did it even happen? – Cambridge, OH to Buckeye Lake, OH – 83km

We’re sitting in a diner booth eating breakfast, Jo-Roxy and I both order the same thing: pancakes, meat and eggs. A regular sitting over at the bar greets an elderly lady who walks in.

‘How’s things?’

‘You know, they’re forecasting snow today but I don’t know.’

The regular looks at her seriously, ‘Ma’am, that is a four letter word I’d prefer you not use around me. ’

Most of our days begin like this, only usually it is one of us asking each other what the weather is going to be like. We both hate using the word snow too.

The snow never comes. The weather man has got this one particularly wrong, today has been a sunny 10c with winds that must be coming downhill all the way from Alaska, 40-50kph with stronger gusts. Of course, it is a headwind.

Buckeye Lake

The weather makes up much of our thinking for each day, that and directions, where to find lunch, how far to the next pharmacy, converting miles to kilometres, staying to the right, changing gloves and layers as the day warms, finding places to fill the water bottles and keeping the pedals turning. I’m talking about this now because when you’re riding into a headwind it is best to clear the mind and just keep blindly going, and today was a day where I thought little and noticed nothing.

Chew tabacoI think 83km is quite an achievement and both my and Jo-Roxy’s zen states are so effective neither of us had a bad time today. We are only a short 68km ride from Columbus, our target since the beginning of the ride and the site of our first rest day (or as Jo-Roxy calls them ‘moral victory days’). We hope to be going to our first ball game, seeing a band play, maybe drinking a beer and most definitely not riding.

One thought on “Day 13 – Did it even happen? – Cambridge, OH to Buckeye Lake, OH – 83km”

  1. G’day bikers. Sounds like the rest day will be very good for you. I hope you have a hot dog or two at the game. Cold & wet here on Anzac day. Especially at q’cliff for the dawn service. Good on you diggers.

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