Day 9 – Fallingwater – Confluence, PA to Connellsville, PA – 63km

It’s seems stupid to say that riding through ridiculously beautiful forest is boring, but it does get that way after a while. I miss using the smart phone to find directions every ten minutes, I miss having reception to use the smart phone, I miss the silence of riding on paved surfaces. The forest is beautiful, but I think I’m ready to emerge back into society and find some craft beer. First we go take a look at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, a house he built for the Kaufmann family in the mid 1930s.


People who care about houses: design-buffs, architects, salivate over this house. I’ve heard many people refer to visiting as a pilgrimage. I agree. It is a pilgrimage, right up a 1900” mountain and down the other side. The Kauffman’s were obviously not cyclists. The house itself is spectacular, perched, as it is, over a waterfall. It is incredible that the house was built nearly 80 years ago, the engineering involved in cantilevering a house over a running river would be impressive today, back then it must have been bonkers. Fallingwater was definitely worth the trip up the mountain.

We ride on to Connellsville, with the promise of our first night couch surfing with someone our own age. We arrive early and have a few hours to kill. We do some washing. I get a haircut from a huge man named Gray, I later see him in the supermarket.


It turns out our host, Jonathon, is exactly two days older than I am. The three of us bond instantly and proceed to have good times. Jo-Roxy makes some vegetable pasta, we take it down to a picnic area on the river and are met by Jonathon’s girlfriend Emma.

Our classy picnic

The night then took a familiar turn, with Jonathon and I becoming charmingly intoxicated. There were some strange and delicious beers consumed, there was a bar visited, we sang ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in a car park, we rode around Connellsville with the top down on the Cabriole, basically we dominated.

The Cabriolet

Being distinguished drinkers we ended the night sipping cheap beer from martini glasses. Classy. PBR is delicious.

PBR martini

Getting drunk on a long-distance bike ride is stupid, but I do it anyway. Party on.

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  1. Glad to hear that beer is still your main power source (or is that “sauce”; as in getting on the sauce). Safe riding, and with wind.

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