Day 8 – Back into Pennsylvania and the top of the Great Eastern Divide – Frostburg, MD to Confluence, PA – 83km

Today we had a few landmarks. We passed the Mason Dixon Line (which means we sadly had to leave the lovely people of Maryland for Pennsylvania again), and we also crossed the Great Eastern Divide.

We have been complaining for a few days now about the fact that all we have been doing is going uphill. Well now we have photographic proof of how uphill we have been going – over 2300” uphill.

We were there!

No wonder my legs hurt. But when you reach the highest point, do you know what that means? Downhill. And downhill we went, pretty much for the whole day. We were still on the Great Allegheny Passage which is packed earth, so it wasn’t easy, but still faster. The trail really is beautiful; it follows several clear blue rivers and industrial train lines all in the most haunting forest setting.

Pretty waterfalls all along the trail

At the end of the day we arrived in Confluence, PA. It was the first time on our trip that people didn’t ask where we were cycling to or from, but simply informed us that we were here too early in the year. All the hotels in the town were closed except a very expensive one, so we have taken lodgings above the local hardware shop in a semi-finished holiday rental. This is by far the strangest place we have stayed thus far. When I asked someone if they lived in town they actually said, ‘No, I live up there in them there yonder mountains.’ Queue Deliverance music.

Yahtzeeing all over the state of Pennsylvania.

It’s not all bad though, our hardware shop haven has Yahtzee and I love to Yahtzee.

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