Day 5 – A long way worth it – Mechanicsburg to Mercersburg – 102km

Mercerburg Academy spireSomething magical has happened today, we’re staying on the ground of a school you have to be part of the third richest family in Africa to attend. And it is only a high school. It is beautiful. The school’s art teachers, Mr Flowers and Ms Higby, have kindly invited us to share their farmhouse just outside Mercersburg Academy for the night.

Jo-Roxy headstanding on Mercerburg Academy stage
Jo-Roxy headstanding on Mercerburg Academy stage

Being shown around the campus was like seeing through a curtain I didn’t even know was there. I thought I had seen American wealth, the colleges, the ginormous homes, but this is next level. This kind of wealth is like being backstage backstage, you got to know a lot of people to get there. I know my place here, I’m just visiting.

Jo-Roxy in Mercerburg Dinning hallAs teachers at the school the Flowers are able to take advantage of the school cafeteria, Jo-Roxy and I went along and ate impressively, better even than the many adolescents we were surrounded by.

Mercerburg Academy in the sunshineOther stuff happened today: we rode our first century of the trip, into a strong headwind, up and down some large hills, with the temperature reaching historical record highs for this time of year. Boring.

This is a beautiful part of the country. We spent the day being stalked by the Appalachian mountains which we have to find a way into over the next few days. The mountains mock me with their size.

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