Is the Green Card lottery real?

As ridiculous as it sounds, yes, the green card lottery is real. The American government gives out 50,000 DV visas each year to participants of an online lottery which can be entered here:

Why so many citizens of Australia and New Zealand are chosen for DV-1 visas

The beauty of it, as Australians, is this visa class is meant to promote diversity in American Immigration, so countries that send a large number of migrants to America are excluded. Australia never nearly reaches the numbers that would prohibit us from entering, while countries such as UK, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Russia and China are routinely excluded. While no certainty, the odds of attaining a DV visa as a national of Australia or New Zealand aren’t nearly as impossible as you might think.

100,000 people are chosen for processing and of those 50,000 visa are distributed. Why do so many people miss out? Because to be eligible for a DV1 visa you must prove that you are educated to an American high school standard. Not so difficult for someone from Australia, but for someone from say, Liberia, it is much more difficult to qualify. This is a shame, because it’s the people who are desperate to leave their country that will benefit most from permanent residency in the United States, and is kind-of the point of the whole thing. You also need the funds to go through the process and access to an American Embassy. The odds are mostly stacked against entrants from impoverished countries, hence the large number of people who qualify for processing but who don’t make the cut for a visa.

There is a This American Life podcast that truly brought it home how lucky I am to be a Green Card Lottery winner, but also highlighted who I may have taken an opportunity away from. Listen to the podcast here, it’ll break your heart.

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Costs associated with getting a DV-1 Visa

The process wasn’t inexpensive, running to nearly AU$4,000 by the time we got our visas but was a small price to pay for the opportunity to live in America. A note: at no time should you have to pay to enter the DV lottery, there are a lot of scam sites out there. The costs are in processing your visa and taking the medical exam.

Green card lottery real deal recipients

Jo-Roxy and I are proud recipients of American Green Cards through the green card lottery. Is the green card lottery real, absolutely. The only thing we can’t do in America is vote so if the Republicans get back in power anytime soon it isn’t our fault.

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