cycle tour training in Sydney’s Centennial Park

Cycle tour training in Sydney

Centennial Park is a Sydney institution.  Scott and I sometimes do our training rides just around the park, going around 5 times, doing split timing trying to break our fastest speeds. I won’t even embarrass myself telling you mine, the lycra legions always beat me on my heavy Bannoffee Pie, no matter how hard I try.

I keep reading on the internet that you can either train for a tour or let the tour train you. Taking the latter advice would almost certainly make the first couple of weeks miserable, so I’m getting out and doing the miles now.

cycle tour training in Sydney
These are the only people we are faster than.

It is such a gorgeous park, and appropriately it is where my father (an avid cyclist) attempted (unsuccessfully) to teach me how to ride a bike when I was little and again (successfully) when I was 22. I will never forget how ridiculous I looked- a grown woman with her father holding the back of her bike on the children’s learning track. How far I’ve come in 5 years.

And so has the park, it has a bunch of really smooth paths to use for cycle tour training. I’d recommend cycling Centennial Park for anyone who wants to avoid traffic and serious injury while training for anything, but especially for cycle touring.

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