Cycling to Kinglake from Hurstbridge returning to Fitzroy

Cycling to Kinglake map

My image didn’t work out so great, but what you see above this text is a scale representation of the ride that Jo-Roxy and I finished today. We caught the train from Clifton Hill to the end of the line at Hurstbridge. We nearly missed the train, we always nearly miss the train (or the bus, or plane). I’ve decided, above anything else, that bicycle touring is a good idea for us because our bikes don’t leave at a particular time thus we can never be late for them. Cycling to Kinglake from our house could have been an even better idea.

Cycling to Kinglake by train to Hurstbridge

Cycling to Kinglake

Kinglake was at the centre of the Victorian Black Saturday fires, and is also up a really big long hill. The town seems to have recovered. We saw a few houses being built so it is nice to see that people still want to live there. I can see why, it is seriously beautiful up there. But I digress, the hill is long and the road is skinny. I don’t want to get hit by a car but I also like to see beautiful towns. We made it. I had this photo taken of me in a pink shirt out the front of the Kinglake pub.

St Andrew’s Market

At the bottom of the hill the St Andrew’s Market is on every Saturday and it is amazing. I ate a Lamb Souvlaki, Jo-Roxy had a burger with the lot. Jo-Roxy wins, her burger was delicious. Bands in the bush and urban escapees mingling with hippies, I was digging it. The pink shirt was a hit.

I was riding through Kangaroo Ground minding my own business when a magpie attacked me. I’m a Cats fan so I suppose I deserved it. Go Cats.

The ride back to Fitzroy was nice. We headed towards Warandyte and then picked up the Main Yarra Trail all the way home. Cold beer in the fridge, job done. Cycling to Kinglake isn’t all that difficult.

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